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Check out the new Healthy Planet UK site!

We’re now switching over to http://www.healthyplanetuk.org – our new site is more of a website than a blog, but this one will stick around as there are some great blogs and videos on here from Copenhagen, Durban etc.  Lots of them are also linked too from the new site. Our facebook page is where we … Continue reading

The effects of climate change on health are potentially catastrophic. The Lancet describes climate change as the biggest threat to health in the 21st century.

And we - as a student organisation of future doctors educating, advocating and acting on climate change - agree. We work with other health professionals, including the Climate and Health Council to build the message of climate=health.

Many healthier ways of living are also good for the planet. Avoiding excess and unnecessary energy-use is hand in hand with living a more active life style and low-carbon policies have many immediate health co-benefits. Driving less will reduce road traffic accidents, eating less red meat will reduce certain cancers, exercising and walking more will reduce obesity, and reducing carbon emissions will mean that the air is less polluted, reducing respiratory problems and disease.

We are sending a delegation of 5 medical students to the UN climate change negotiations, this year held in Durban, South Africa. Navigate the menu above to meet our delegation and hear what we're getting up to.

Healthy Planet UK

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